Ron Asked Me To Marry Him….Last Week

Last week Ron asked me to marry him. I’ve been thinking about it. I think I’m gonna say yes but I’m not quite sure yet. He has so many faults and sometimes he just doesn’t compliment me at all. His issues are so much bigger than mine. You know how that is? It must be so hard for him to live in my shadow. I just can’t imagine what he must deal with every day knowing that his faults are so much bigger than mine. I’m just not sure I can commit to that. Before you think that I really AM that arrogant I will stop you and assure you that I am I’m not.

But seriously he did ask me to remarry him last week. We went on a date – with the kids, yes it was THAT romantic (HA) – after dinner the kids left to go home. Ron and I went for a walk. We discussed all the twists and turns our marriage had taken over the years. He said that he would like to spend our 25th anniversary next June renewing our commitment to one another by renewing our vows. I thought it was so romantic. We really have been through a lot. When you put two human beings together each with completely different family backgrounds you are gonna get a mixed bag of issues that have to be dealt with – sometimes more than once. We have each learned a lot in our 24 years of marriage. We are not afraid to admit that we have been to marriage counseling – more than once. We have been to marriage conferences – more than once. We have considered parting ways for periods of time to take a break from one another (not to the point of divorce – just a breather) – more than once. We are human! We fail! We disappoint one another! We disappoint God! We disappoint ourselves! Marriage is not an easy road. But we are and always have been committed to making it successful to the very end – till death do us part! We take our relationship seriously. We take our vows seriously. We take our commitment to God seriously. We take our commitment to our family seriously. We are committed to making it to the end of our lives as husband and wife.

The road has been rocky. But it has also been a beautiful journey through some gorgeous pathways. We’ve stumbled over pebbles, rocks and sometimes even boulders in the way. But we have climbed over them or gone around them together. We’ve had help along the way. Sometimes you find yourself hitting a rock head on – are blinded for a bit and need a guide to direct you around the obstacle. We have made it around every single boulder and are still walking the path together. We are proud of that. But we are not naive enough to think that all the boulders and obstacles are behind us. We know there will be more of them ahead. And our past proves that we can handle those TOGETHER!

So next June 20th, as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary we will do so with our children by our side to witness a celebration of a commitment to one another to always stand together. We aren’t positive yet where that will take place but that really doesn’t matter. The four of us will stand at an altar – whether physical or symbolic – and promise to continue to love, honor and cherish one another and God together as a united front – a family committed to a future together living for Christ.

June 20, 1987


11 thoughts on “Ron Asked Me To Marry Him….Last Week

  1. Way cool! There’s proof that I have not always been, ummm, portly! Seriously, I’m glad to read this. Love you guys!

  2. So touching, Pam! My eyes were teary reading through your wonderful, honest post! I know your vow renewal will be so beautiful! I can’t wait for it and it isn’t even my anniversary.

  3. Congratulations on your journey together. Marriage never turns out the way you plan on your wedding day. But the surprises (good and bad) along the way are better than you can imagine. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on persevering through hard times. It is comfortable to live with a person who knows all about you and ‘gets’ you—-even if they are fraught with issues.

  5. First, thank you for your sweet comment….next…wow!!! I am so moved by your post! My DH and I married, divorced and remarried. Total marriage: 21 years. We are in a Marriage Mentoring program in our church right now. We want to take our marriage to the next level….I love this post…and….am thankful you took time to drop by and leave your sweet comments!

  6. What a beautiful post! I know this sounds silly, but it’s almost like an inspiration for me. I married a wonderful, amazing man who somewhere along the way became a violent and abusive alcoholic. I never dreamed that I would be divorced, but it was the best (really, the only) option for myself and my children. Your story gives me hope that there is someone else out there that I can have all those wonderful adventures with. Best wishes 🙂

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