I Don’t Have To Start Over…That’s The Best Part

Have I mentioned that my hubs asked me to marry him again? I’m very excited! I have one year to find my second wedding dress. I found one I like in the strangest place the other day. I saw it on Pinterest. HAHA A true sign of the times when a woman finds her wedding dress on a site like that. Here is the dress I saw and loved. What do you think?

I got my original dress out of the closet this weekend while I was decluttering. Oh my word…I was the size of a small child in 1987 when we got married. I said on Twitter that I think the veil will still fit but that is IT!

I’m also thinking through my vows. Has anyone done a vow renewal before? I’m the least creative person on the planet. I’ve known rocks who are more creative than I am. Please don’t ask me how I know rocks. You don’t wanna know. I think once I can get going it will flow. Of course by the time it comes around I will no doubt forget it all.

When we got married on June 20, 1987 my childhood pastor performed our ceremony. When we met with him we told him we just wanted the traditional vows. We wanted it simple. We have been through so much since then that I really want to personalize them. Maybe a poem? Ideas?

I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Wooooooo Hooooooooo And I don’t have to start all over breaking in a new man. He’s already broken in! How cool is that! In the meantime – what do you think of the dress?


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Have To Start Over…That’s The Best Part

  1. Pam ~ you are not giving yourself nearly enough credit. These vows do not need to be creative. You have (or will have) 25 years invested in this relationship by the time this rolls around. You guys have 25 years worth of memories and 18/17 years worth of parenting this time around. Speak from your heart, sis ~ and it will be worth it all!

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