Let’s Try Something New

I tweeted last night that I was starting two new products this morning to see how my Fibromyalgia responds. I’m excited to see what the changes will be. I’m going to Ohio next week. And I will be having a 3 day yard sale with my mom. Trips are usually enough to do me in. But carrying all my junk up there and then doing a garage sale for 3 days and then traveling back home will be an excellent test to see how I respond to the products. I will report on how I do on them over the next couple of weeks and let you know. I hope that you keep in mind that I am not “selling Advocare” to make money. I’m offering it because it helps me. I see so many people struggling all around me and getting very little help by the regular means. My goal is to offer a little something extra that you can add to your current routine in order to make a difference in your quality of life. Again I repeat, none of this is gonna cure you!!!! My only hope is to offer you the tools to get back into your life like I am. I’ve pretty much been bedridden by FATIGUE for the last year. I am out of bed. That speaks volumes to me. Yes, I still hurt. Uhhhh I have Fibromyalgia. Nothing is gonna change that. I am merely taking my health in my hands and finding something to put side by side with what my doctor is doing for me to produce a better result for ME. OH well, you already knew all of that. These are the products I started this morning.


The first one is BioTools. I believe this product is probably exactly what someone with Fibromyalgia needs. Listen to the description:

For those who do not maintain an active lifestyle, twinges, aches, stiffness and pains may be a common and constant companion. An imbalance in the epigenome is a major contributor to these events. In addition to the BCAAs, the botanicals in BioCharge are known to help correct these imbalances in the epigenome and provide anti-inflammatory actions.

Goodness gracious! Is that us or what??? BioTools comes with two products. It comes with 30 packets of BioCharge powder that you mix with 4 oz (or as much as you want for taste). It contains Amino Acids, Grape Seed, Green Tea, B Vitamins, Taurine and Cat’s Claw. I’m just finishing up my first drink now. As you can see it’s only gonna be healthy. And it tastes pretty good too. The second product that comes in the BioTools package is BioTune. These are capsules containing curcumin, amla, resveratrol, cat’s claw, grape seed extract, zinc, selenium, alpha lipoic acid, boswellic acid, quercetin and green tea extract. The job of the BioTune is to protect the epigenome mentioned above so they can maintain a balance, thus balancing our body to control our aches, pains and stiffness associated with Fibromyalgia and so many other illnesses.

Keep in mind that I am talking about how these products help with my Fibromyalgia. These exact same products are beneficial for many other chronic conditions as well. All of these products are designed to support our bodies and maintain a general overall wellness to our various systems. If you have any questions about a specific condition I will be glad to help you research and contact our medical board members to get answers for you. And of course it’s always good to print off the product information and take it to your doctor to get his/her opinion.

MNS Max 3

The other product that I started this morning is the MNS Max 3. This product is like a super power!! It contains the following products CorePlex®, OmegaPlex®, ProBiotic Restore™, Calcium Plus, Amplify A.T. These are all seperate products but they are prepackaged into small packs for you to take in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The benefits cover everything from appetite control to a sustained release energy. The list of ingredients in this one product is extensive. vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin, calcium, citrus flavonoids, green tea extract, lutein, lycopene, guarana, biotin, oolong tea, taurine, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifdobacterium, bifidum, artichoke, magnesium, zinc, chromium.

So I’m excited about what the BioTools will do for my body physically. And I’m excited about what the MNS Max 3 will do for my weight control and my stamina. These alone with the Spark. Somebody better watch out!!!

I will keep you informed on my progress – whether good or bad. Although I can’t imagine there would be any bad results. But I’m not gonna lead anyone astray. I am honest and I’m gonna continue being honest with you all too. This is something new. Who knows what it will do. But so far I’ve had NOTHING bad to say about ANY of it!

Advocare Blender Bottle

Now on a final note, remember I am offering a free Advocare Blender Bottle to anyone placing an order in the month of June. We have a number of yummy things to mix and stir. This bottle will make it all so much easier. You can just visit my Advocare Website and place and order. It’s that simple. No money exchanging hands between us. It’s all taken care of for you.


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