See How Flexible I Am

Well, as is typical for my life my week has changed once again for the hundredth time. Lauren has arrived at JH Ranch for Second Wind. Ron has arrived at his first of three stops for the week. But Michael and I are still at home. At some point this becomes comical…if only to keep me from crying even more. We are planning on going to Ohio this week (I think) but we are not (as of this moment) having our yard sale and we are not going until tomorrow (I”ll believe it when I pull out of the driveway).

I tell you what – I’m nothing if not flexible!  Of course I am the reason everyone has to be flexible. But that’s the life we have all been dealt with me as a member of the family. The yard sale has been on…then off…then back on…now back off. But I must say that I really am thankful that it is now off because I have now developed a sinus gunk (you’re welcome) that would make sitting outside in the heat for 3 days just more miserable than it normally would be with just the heat/fibro mix. Yesterday it became obvious to me that I just wasn’t gonna be up to heading up there today. So when I called my dad for Father’s Day I told them I would plan another day of rest and then come on Tuesday. Mom and I talked and we agreed that the sale would be too much considering this head gunk. I think she is right. The good thing is that all of my house has been gone through and decluttered and is bagged/boxed up ready for a sale here. I’m not convinced we will do as well here as we would have up there but there is a reason it all turned out this way. I’m ok with that.

My sweet girl left yesterday for two weeks. If you are a friend of ours then you probably remember Ron has taken each of the kids on a trip to a parent/child trip to JH Ranch in Northern California. It is an amazing opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors and learn more about leadership, personal values and spiritual growth. After a child has been to the parent/child week they can then qualify to attend what is called Second Wind. During this program the go alone (SO HARD FOR MAMA!!) for two weeks. They will spend a more indepth time learning about spiritual leadership, setting goals, family relationships and loving God and others. Honestly I am a little jealous of all that Lauren is going to experience. Click on the Second Wind link and see what all she is gonna be doing for the next two weeks. WOW!! I’m gonna be picking up a completely different child at the airport than the one I dropped off yesterday.

So preparing for this huge week has taken a toll on my anxiety! I have been a mess and I shut down a few days ago. Now that the week is underway I am feeling a bit better (as you can tell since I’m actually blogging). I suspect the stress I have been putting on myself has affected my immune system and that is probably why I’m now fighting this sinus gunk. But I’m working on all of that too. I’m just thankful I am not hiding out in the dark wishing the day away so I can go to sleep today.

Thanks for waiting me out. I have said before that I will not blog when I’m depressed because noone wants to read that. So, when you see my blog has been inactive for a couple of days you know what’s going on in my head. Thanks for your prayers this weekend. It’s pulled me through once again. God is good!


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