It’s A Twin Flashback

As is usual I am running a bit behind with the blog deadlines this week. Flashback Friday is actually Flashback Saturday here on my blog this week. In trying to decide what I wanted to flashback to I realized I wanted to show pictures of the kids through the years together. Last night our family was complete once again after Lauren came home from being gone for two weeks. Seeing my kids together smiling and enjoying one another’s company is truly the sweetest feeling for a Mama’s heart. So while looking through iPhoto I discovered a lot of pictures of the two of them together. So, here they are growing up through the years:

Going on an imaginary ride in 1996

Pouring her big brother some tea - 1997

In San Francisco 2001

I loved dressing them up as twins - everyone always thought they were anyway

Oklahoma City in 2009

Thanks for flashing back with me. Now I’m zipping over to Lauren’s blog to link up for Flashback Friday. Come join us!!


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