Sweet Shots From JH

Today I thought I would post a few pictures Lauren took while at JH Ranch last week. I won’t post all 300 of them. I mostly just wanted you to see the amazing location she was at in northern California.


JH Ranch horses running

This is the "Big Top" where they had services each night

Their team

They had to go out hiking and camping in the wilderness. They were supposed to stay two nights. But it rained from the time they got there, all through the first night and most of the next day. So, they left early and headed back to camp. These next few pictures will be ones taken on that trip.

Looking down on the camp

On the top


High enough in the mountains that there is still snow on the ground

But she hiked it anyway - tank top, shorts and tennis shoes

Camp site - 5 to a tent - because it rained all night they all woke up wet with their things wet as well - MISERABLE

Lauren and her camp bestie, Casey. She lived in Birmingham. So we will be seeing more of them.

They did amazing things and had amazing experiences. This has changed Lauren! You know how you always felt so good and on fire after church camp? Yeah – that!

Off to link this up for Sweet Shot Tuesday over on Darcy’s blog! You have a sweet shot you wanna share. That’s the place to do it. Come join us!


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