Where Is My Errand Boy?

I just got Lauren back last Friday night. Today we took Michael to Free Will Baptist Bible College where he will attend the Truth and Peace youth leadership conference for the next 10 days. We are proud of him for being accepted three years in a row. But I sure do miss him when he’s gone – and not just because he is my driving errand boy….but that does have a LOT to do with it. Earlier this afternoon Lauren texted me (I was upstairs and she was downstairs – clearly it’s a logical means of communication in such circumstances) and asked if I would take her to Kroger to get some Oreo cookies. My first thought was to have Michael do it. Then I remembered he is across town. So I texted Ron (who was not in the same house with us, thank you very much) and asked him to bring some home from work. Problem solved! This little event reminded me that Lauren has soccer practice every morning next week at 9:00. Without Michael here that means that I will be going every single day. Now it’s not too long ago that I was doing that every day. But somehow it seems like it was so long ago now. If I had known what a help it was to have an errand boy I would have gotten one a long time ago. Ron is helpful in that way. But I can’t punish him with taking away his cell phone and ipod if he doesn’t go where I tell him to go or do what I tell him to do when he gets there. Husbands are funny that way.

Now I’m sure that your mind is totally consumed with trying to figure out what Truth and Peace is. Calm down…I’m getting to that! Patience people patience! Truth and Peace is a youth leadership program provided to 9-12 graders within our denomination, Free Will Baptists. Approximately 100 FWB teenagers began their T & P journey today at our denominational Bible College here in Nashville. They will spend the next 10 days in sessions and activities that will train them to be good leaders, to grow in their relationship with God and how to be of service to those around them. The conference culminates on July 17th when our FWB National Convention convenes in Charlotte, NC. They will then utilize the skills they have learned to “work” the convention with approximately 7,000 attendees. The program is a 4 year program but each student has to reapply each year. This is Michael’s third year. Each year they attend they are given more responsibilities. So this year he will be a team leader meaning he will be in charge of a group of approximately 8 others. He will make sure that his team members are where they are supposed to be and when. He will lead them in a devotion each night. Basically he is their go-between with the staff. This program is similar to the program Lauren just returned from last week. Lauren’s just wasn’t through our denomination. Lauren applied for Truth & Peace. She, however, was not chosen. But she is enjoying her summer ranch trips to JH Ranch. We are very blessed to have each of these programs offered and that God has provided the funds each year for them to attend. As you can imagine, it ain’t cheap! But worth every red cent – these programs will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they are making lifelong friends.

I attended Truth & Peace for the first two years of the program in 1984 and 1985. I remember the things I learned. I am still in contact with a number of the people I met. And I have the best memories ever. I remember comments that people said and where we were when they said them. I am a better person having attended T & P 17 years ago. Michael is a better person since his first year in 2009. Lauren is a better person having attended the programs at JH Ranch. Poor Ron is just an ok person – how sad…..

So while I am errand boyless for the next 10 days it is a sacrifice I am proud to make. Oh yeah, and the dishes and trash – I’m gonna have to do the dishes on his days and take care of the trash too. Dadgumit! I just might go back and pick him up each day to bring him home to do his chores and run some errands. While he’s at it I will just have him take Lauren to/from practice each day…….


3 thoughts on “Where Is My Errand Boy?

  1. My daughter finished her four years of T&P last summer. She’s still friends with many of those attending this year. She told me Wednesday morning, “Truth and Peace starts today. Last year’s 401’s (fourth year folks for your readers) had been texting on FB, wondering what they’re going to do the next 10 days.” Yes, a tremendous event!

    Oh, and you may want to check your math . . . how long has it been since you were there??? 😉

    • Thanks! I was trying to wallow in my youth. Obviously it’s been 27 years. Sigh….let me get my cane and hit you over the head now.

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