A Simple Request

July 17-21 – Charlotte North Carolina – Free Will Baptist National Convention – I’ll be there! That also means that I won’t be here. Do you like how I figured that out? Nothing is getting past me today. I’ve been wondering what to do with my blog while I’m gone. I won’t have access to a computer. The only internet access I will have is via my cell phone. While thinking about what to do about posts during those 5 days I have come up with the idea of seeking out guest posts.

So this is my “ad” for guest posts. Because my blog covers a wide range of topics there is no need for me to “assign” a topic. As a general guideline I post about Fibromyalgia, Invisible Illness, Chronic Pain, Depression, Parenting, Parenting Teenagers, Marriage, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Christian Living….you get the idea. I’m a mixed bag (of nuts???) so just about any topic would probably work.

The post doesn’t have to be a newly written post either. It can come from your “Best of” list – some post that you got a lot of feedback on or that you are particularly proud of. Or if you would like to write a new post that is fine too.

The only thing I need is your entry by Friday so that I can get it scheduled before I leave town Saturday and I ask that you advertise your entry on your own blog/twitter/facebook in order to drive traffic to read it here. I will write a brief introduction to post along with your entry to drive traffic to your blog as well.

If you are interested please leave me a comment here or a DM on Twitter (MyKidsSccrMom). Thanks for your help! Us bloggers have to stick together and support one another. I appreciate your support.


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