Mad World

I have been watching The Glee Project. The funny thing is that I don’t really even like Glee. But I love reality TV. And I love singing so this show attracted my attention quickly. This particular episode I am watching right now required the “kids” to connect with a vulnerable part of themselves. They had to wear a sign with a word that describes what makes them vulnerable and walk around in L.A. wearing the sign and singing this song by Tears for Fears called Mad World. It was very moving. We all have a vulnerable part of ourselves that we try to cover up and over compensate for. I know I do. I’ve never understood why we all pretend that we don’t. We each know we that noone else is perfect or 100% secure all the time. So, why do we try to act like it? At any rate here is the music video that was the result of the project this week. See if it moves you as it did me.


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