I’m Thankful For Ice Cream

It’s hard to believe that the summer is halfway over. Our summers always fly by but this one has gone at warp speed. Nevertheless I am thankful for it. I’m so thankful for it that I’m putting it on the top of my 1000 Gifts list for today.

64. Summer! I’m not even minding the hot weather this year. I’m just enjoying my kids. Maybe because I know next month they will begin their senior year of high school. So, really this is the last summer that we’ll all have in school. NExt summer will be different because we will be getting ready for a new phase of life.

65. Dallas Baptist University – my hubs is away at DBU this week beginning his Doctoral program. I’m thankful for a husband with such ambition who is always applying himself, stretching his mind and improving himself to be a better leader. This doctorate will allow him so many other opportunities in the years ahead. It is the perfect program for him (us) and I’m thankful that they provide it.

66. Faith – yes the spiritual kind but this time I’m talking about the kind that follows me around the house on four tiny little legs. She always makes me smile and loves me unconditionally.

67. My tweeps – I love my friends on Twitter. I feel like they are an extended part of my family. They are always just a tweet away.

68. Ice Cream – I shouldn’t be thankful for ice cream but I am. I bought some of those new freezer bars Magnum today. OH my!! They are like Dove Bars with a layer of caramel between the two layers of chocolate coating the ice cream. Sin on a stick! That’s what that is!

Well, this was a light hearted list this week. I hope that’s allowed. Gonna go link it up now. Join me?


2 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For Ice Cream

  1. Who says you shouldn’t be thankful for ice cream?!? I have heard about the Magnum bars, but have not bought them. I am with you on summer flying by…where has it gone? I dropped by from Ann’s place, you are my “neighbor” on the right.

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