Waiting For Ice Is A Total Waste Of Time

I have a feeling this post is gonna be very therapeutic for me. I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to decide what I wanted to write about when it suddenly came clear to me in a vision while I was waiting for the ice to drop into my glass at my refrigerator. I get my greatest moments of inspiration while waiting there for that ice dispenser. Don’t you? I mean you’re standing there staring at your refrigerator staring at your refrigerator magnets, pictures of the special people in your life, beautiful drawings your children have made you, a test they made an A on, your to-do list that has undoubtedly been there since the turn of the century and your calendar that is still on April. What else are you gonna do but dwell on the important matters in your life? I’m gonna write about something in life that bug the snot outta me! And believe me, after a month of bronchitis I have a LOT of snot!

Clearly the thing that is foremost in my mind when this brilliant idea hit me was that I hate slow ice dispensers. I mean, there’s the little water and ice dispenser on refrigerators today for a reason – so that we don’t have to waste all the time opening the freezer door and reaching into the ice bin and picking up the ice cubes ourselves. Think of the countless hours we have wasted in our lives doing that! We could have been doing much more important things with our time all those years. I believe the man (and I’m SURE it was a man) who first thought “you know, if I could skip the whole annoying step of actually opening the freezer door for ice the world would be a better place”. And I must say he was right. Now we all stand outside of our freezers pushing a lever while holding a glass under the ice dispenser waiting for the desired amount of ice to drop – all while saving ourselves countless hours. But what happens when the ice gets clogged and doesn’t drop? Obviously the most logical thing to do is to continuing standing there expecting the ice to dislodge in the bin inside the freezer and drop into our glass. I’m sure you are familiar with that sound of the machine running and running but nothing dropping. We shift our weight from one side to the other and perhaps even straighten a few of the magnets. We could have been sitting back down with half of our ice water gone by the time it dawns on us “the ice dispenser is clogged – I’m actually gonna have to OPEN this freezer door and fix it”. So we go “old school” and open the freezer to reach for the ice. We give the dispenser a serious shake. You’d think that since we are already in the freezer with our hand on the ice box we could just get a handful of ice since that’s what we were going for anyway. I mean right there is the ice…you’re looking right at it…you went through all the trouble of opening the freezer door and everything. So what do you do? You give that thing a good hard shake, push it back into place and close the freezer door. Now you are back to step one. You push your glass against the lever and wait for the ice to fall. Of course by now you are so frustrated because you had to actually wait for the ice. What is this world coming to that a girl has to work so hard to get ice from her own freezer?

But the situation can be made better if you remember to flip your calendar to the proper month. So all is not lost. The next time I’ll have to remember to take the 2011 calendar with me to change out so that the time spent waiting for the ice to drop isn’t a total waste of time.


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