Build A House

Here’s a little flashback a few years to the days when we were building our house. It was an amazing process to watch. It is also my Flashback Friday entry. Enjoy!

When we were planning our move from the boonies (Joelton) to the big city (Nashville/Donelson) the search was fun and it wasn’t too long before we found a new neighborhood that was building as we were looking. We were the first people to move in on our street. But that weekend it began to fill up quickly. So we all moved in and grew up together here on Cather Ct. We love our cul-de-sac, our neighborhood and our neighbors. It was a God thing!

Lot 154 - I told them to keep as many trees as they could back there because they were the only established trees in the neighbordhood

STanding in the chimney



Back walls!


He's in his room and she's in her room

Drive-way in a pile!

All done!

Just needs sod and we are ready to move in! 2006!!


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