Is This Written In Korean or English?

I got this fancy shmancy new Lumix camera for Mother’s Day. It’s wonderful and I love it. However, as is usually the case with electronics, it is smarter than I am and that just irritates me. I (Michael) figured out how to record a video on my fancy shmancy camera right before the choir sang for competition last week. Until then all I knew how to do was point, zoom (which made me feel very photogish) and shoot. When it was time for Xample to get on stage to sing I walked right up to the front row – like a stage mom who knew what she was doing – and sat there recording the performance. I wasn’t completely confident that I was actually recording anything. But I did what Michael said. So, it had to be right. Right?

I didn’t even check it until that night in the room. I didn’t want to be disappointed that I flubbed it up. See I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. My brain, as we have established in a previous entry, is like swiss cheese. So it’s very possible that I may APPEAR that I am smart but that merely means I am one brilliant actress. My head feels as empty as it will when I am six feet under and long in Heaven. I can walk with my head held high, put a smile on my face and fake it with the best of them.

When I got to the room and saw that I had recorded it properly I must say I was quite proud. Now I just needed to figure out how to get it from that foreign object in my hand here to my blog. Hmmmmmm blank again……but seeing as how the transfer cord was at home I would just have to wait to see what happens. I finally got to the point of downloading the pictures from the camera to the computer after getting home. Wouldn’t you know that the pictures downloaded perfectly but the videos are nowhere to be found on the computer. Sooooooooo now what! Michael has already left for camp. All I’ve got is Ron who I like to call “figure it out for yourself man”. We downloaded the owners manual and my job is to now interpret the owner’s manual and produce a result.

Now have any of you who have swiss cheese for a brain tried to interpret one of these owner’s manuals. Seriously – I can’t tell if I’m reading the Korean half or the English half of the book. So all of that to say if you want to see the video I think you will either have to 1.) wait till MIchael gets home and can figure it out for me or 2.) just come on over and sit by me here on the couch and I will play it for you directly from the camera. Because if it’s left up to me to figure out then THAT is where it will stay.


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