I Need An Awakening

As you know, last week I was in Charlotte for the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Our National Youth Conference meets at the same time. The convention has four different services each night – Preschool Worship, 456 Worship (4-6th graders), Teen Worship and Adult Worship.  It has progressed a long way since the days when I first started going in 1975 with my parents. Back then everyone was in the same service every night. I love that there is something for everyone now. The last few years we have been going into the teen service each night because that’s where they play a more contemporary worship and have speakers closer to our age who are used to working with teens. Since we have teens we find them the most helpful for this stage of our life right now. The adult worship is more of a traditional style. And that’s just fine. This way there is something for everyone’s style.

The theme for the NYC (National Youth Conference) this year was Awaken based on Romans 13:11 which says “And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Each speaker spoke on that theme with that verse/passage as their key verse. It was a message directed to the teens in the room but I certainly got plenty from it myself. Each of them challenged us to wake the Spirit up within us. We are all so often ready to take the easy way…the way with less resistance. Most of us find ourselves stagnant.

I was watching House Hunter International yesterday. A man was looking for a vacation home in Belize. The agent showed him a home on a small piece of property with a “pond” on it. Ron and I both commented that that was just a stagnant mosquito infested wet piece of land. It was perfectly still. Nothing was moving. I kind of think of my heart like that sometimes – stagnant and unmoving. I want my Spirit to Awaken within me and come alive. There have been times it was alive but as time has passed things have stilled. I long to return to the time when it was alive and awake. I need an awakening. I don’t want to be found sleeping with a stagnant soul when it comes time to share Jesus. Worse still I don’t want Jesus to find me sleeping when he comes back for me. I want Him to find me alive, awake and at work for Him.


4 thoughts on “I Need An Awakening

  1. Our folks came back and said it was a terrific conference overall! I hated that I had to miss it, especially with it only 3 hours from the house!

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