Review and Giveaway for a Glass of Energy

I would like to thank my friend Karen for reviewing and hosting a giveaway of the most popular Advocare product in the health and wellness product line, SPARK! I have written about Spark before. But just as way of reminder I discovered (through a friend) this product in May. I have used it every single day since then and honestly (and that’s the only way I’m gonna be about my Advocare venture) I feel like a different person. Yes, it helped from the beginning. But I must say that the benefits I got at the beginning of using it, though I thought they were great, were marginally compared to the how much better I feel now after almost 3 months of regular use. I have even had bronchitis all summer. And I can still say that Spark has helped me feel almost normal again. I am considering asking my doctor to not renew one of my meds tomorrow when I go see him because I think I can do without it.

The way to get the word out about Spark is via word of mouth and social media. If you have tried it I would love to hear about it. Send people my way. You can find my Advocare website at this link. Keep in mind that the longer you use it the better you will feel. Like I said above I just thought it made me feel better in the beginning. Now I can see that was just the beginning. Consistent use makes all the difference in the world.

Thanks Karen for reviewing Spark and hosting this giveaway on your site. I look forward to reaching new people who need a Glass of Energy! Readers, swing by Karen’s site and enter the giveaway. You will also find a LOT of other good giveaways that she hosts. You can get there from here!


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