What I Wish I Had Known Before Blogging

Today begins Summer Blog Socials hosted by Liz at a belle, a bean and a chicago dog and Jessica at Four Plus An Angel. It’s a series of blogging challenges that also includes other forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, you tube….I’m not sure of all the ins and outs yet but I know enough to know that it’s a chance to make new friends. And who doesn’t love making new friends. I’m even gonna try to link up my Pinterest. Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Who hasn’t tried Pinterest yet? You don’t know what you’re missing!

Today’s topic is our thoughts about blogging BEFORE we started blogging. I really had no idea what to expect before I started blogging. We were homeschooling at the time so I joined a homeschool blog site. I loved the creativity of building a page where I could display my personality and feature my writing. I started blogging so that family and friends could follow what we were doing on a daily basis. I can’t imagine how boring that must have been. HAHA! I don’t even go back and read those early entries (8/05). After a while I figured out that blogging meant actually writing something every day. Duhhhhh! I began adding some variety to my entries such as picture entries and/or posting videos that pertained to something I was going through at the time. Now I have moved into writing about my illness, spiritual matters, family life, parenting and general thoughts that jump out at me in my life. I have gotten used to the whole idea of writing each day. I don’t promise it’s always good. I’m not gonna win any writing awards. But I always write from my heart. I seem to always have an opinion about something. Thankfully over the last 6 years I have learned that just because I think something doesn’t mean that I have to say it. That’s not an easy lesson for someone like me to learn. But I’ve discovered it’s not always wise to say everything you think. I’m 44 years old and still trying to learn that.

I think “Before I began blogging, I wish I had known…” what to say and when to say it and that you are gonna have to actually SAY something on a regular basis. It’s helped me to follow different blog hops and memes to kick start writing ideas and prompts. But boy sometimes it can get hard when you sit down at the computer and are looking at that blank screen without a single word to be found anywhere.


8 thoughts on “What I Wish I Had Known Before Blogging

  1. I think both putting out regular content (even if just 2 times a week) and joining in with memes and linkups can have a huge benefit in growing a blog!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I agree with Liz, putting out regular content definitely helps. There is also a book I read called “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott that helped me immensely with my writing. After reading it I am never at a loss for things to write about. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I totally went into blogging blind so I wish I had put more thought into it (I don’t like reading my early posts either! Yikes!). Meme’s are a great way to get started with content when you feel stuck. I’ve just had to learn to limit how many I participate in as I could easily find myself posting a meme every day of the week!

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