An Excuse for an Exotic Vacation

Today’s topic for the Summer Blog Social is 10 helpful tips to give to someone who is considering starting a blog. Because most of the entries will probably be suggestions about what site to use, how to market your blog and/or ideas about style I thought I would make mine a little different. The others are wonderful and very helpful but my list will definitely help you draw traffic and give you something to write about each day.

1. Inform your family that they are about to become famous. Where else can the average person become well known around the world just for living their life.

2. Learn how to write 800 words about the most mundane parts of your life. Imagine you are talking to your husband at night after he gets home from work and you are telling him all about the exciting parts of your day – such as the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, changing the sheets, dusting….you should practice a lot first. Ask him to count the words you say so you will have an idea of how many words it takes to actually talk about those things. Just don’t tell him I suggested it.

3. Capture every event in your family’s life on your camera because one day you won’t have any idea what to write about. Believe it or not it IS possible to run out of things to talk about. I know that is hard to believe considering how much I am finding to say about absolutely nothing right now. But it will happen and then you can wow your readers with amazing pictures of your family or all the other exciting events that happen in your life.

4. Don’t be afraid to stir the pot. We don’t all agree with everyone all the time. Sometimes what you say and think will hit someone else the wrong way. Hopefully that person will realize the same thing and take a chill pill before the hit the comment button. But don’t let that stop you for saying what you believe. As long as you have your blog set to approve all comments before they post then it’s all good!

5. Preface every event with the line “I’m so gonna blog about this”. That way noone is surprised when someone in your life says something about some secret that was revealed on your blog. Then you can say “I warned you”.

6. Get a cell phone so you can text yourself the exciting events that happen each day so you won’t forget what to write about tomorrow. I don’t usually walk around all day with a pad of paper and a pen on me. But I DO always have my cell phone within a foot of my hands at all times. And if you are a regular reader and know that I have fibrofog then you know that my brain is swiss cheese. So it’s handy to have my phone on me to text myself!

7. Get pets. When your husband and kids refuse to be photographed anymore to be used for a blog post your pets can’t refuse. My kids passed the “stop taking pictures to put on your blog” phase a long time ago. That’s when the animals come in handy. Of course it helps if you’ve taught them to sit and stay so they can’t run from you either.

8. Take up a new hobby so you can draw in new readers via Twitter, Facebook or the Tag feature. You know, like sky diving or rock climbing…maybe race car driving or hunting wild game…you’ll always have information to draw all kinds of readers then.

9. Tell your husband you have to go on elaborate vacations in order to attract readers. It’s for a good cause! How else are you supposed to keep your blog exciting and adventurous to keep people coming back? There’s nothing like an exotic vacation to grab everyone’s attention. Duhhhhh

10. Practice being wordy because someday you’re gonna need it. I could give you lessons…CLEARLY!!!

I hope you’ll come over to Liz and/or Jessica‘s blogs to find great links to other bloggers blogs and other social media sites to make new friends.


24 thoughts on “An Excuse for an Exotic Vacation

  1. I love your approach of “fair warning”!

    I think you are spot on with the need to practice writing about mundane every day life. That really IS what we spend so much time relaying in our posts.

  2. I think these are great tips but I would have to challenge the 800 word limit. I think that is a little high. It’s hard for me to stick with a blog post for that long, I must have a short attention span :). Glad you linked up!

  3. Ha ha ha! I was laughing and nodding thru the whole post!! I’m glad my Two year old loves being the center of attention and allows me to capture his antics on camera for me to share, but unfortunately like you said, ‘Telling them they are going to be famous” is so true, he thinks every picture of ever kid on the internet is him.

    And yes, I have learned how to be wordy… husband even says when we IM each other, how come you can’t just say yes or no. LOL

    Funny Funny Post!

  4. Hi Pam!
    Your Spoonie Sister here!
    (I apologize for being so familiar as we’ve only just met 🙂

    Love your suggestions!
    Fibro Fog brained here too!
    I never thought to text myself with blog post ideas!
    Following you here and on Twitter!

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