My Blogoversary – Coming Full Circle

Six years ago my life changed! I gave birth to this blog. I originally started to keep my family posted on what is going on with us as we began our homeschool journey. It has grown into so much more. It’s now a place where I share my heart and bond with people I’ve never met…LIKE YOU!

I was expecting to be horrified at my first entry. But it really isn’t a lot different than it is now. That really is bothersome actually. You would think I would have grown in my writing experience. Clearly I need to take some writing lessons. I’m hoping to really learn some great new writing helps and ideas of how to improve my blog into making it all it can be when I attend my first blog conference in February. I’m going to Blissdom and I am beside myself. I expect that my blogoversary post next August 8th will be better by leaps and bounds.

At any rate, my children are home from their summer of traveling. I laid my head down last night breathing easy. My kids are my life at this point. I realize that is gonna be a problem this time next year when they are preparing to go to college. Those of you who are in the empty nest stage with their kids recently starting college please tell me how you did it. I remember the day my parents took me to college and drove off and left me there. It was great and exciting for me to be starting a new life of independence but now I understand how my parents felt.

I do have a problem with wishing the time away or wasting days dreading something to come. I don’t want to waste the next 12 months dreading the day they leave for college. This school year is gonna be so fun and exciting. Senior year times two!!! I don’t want to miss a second. I don’t wanna blink. I want them to do everything seniors are supposed to be doing.

And that kind of brings me full circle. My first blog entry was about preparing to homeschool and this one 6 years later is about preparing them for their senior year of high school. A lot has happened in 6 years. Wonder what year 7 will bring.


4 thoughts on “My Blogoversary – Coming Full Circle

  1. Aww, congrats on six years! I’m at two, but only three months with the new blog. I hope to make this one last. I love the community I have been able to build and am excited for it’s future. see you at comment hour.

  2. Hey Pam, Both of my boys are gone 😦 The first one left in 2000 but my niece moved in and the younger one was in middle school. That made it easier of course after the initial shock.

    By the time they both moved I welcomed the time, at first. It’s really not so bad if you are close to the kids. They communicate with me via text, skype, and FB. At first it was about once a week or maybe less. However as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and the communication became more frequent. Even when they don’t want to admit it, they miss us too.

    I talked to my youngest son almost every day, almost like he’s here but down the street.

    Congrats on your longevity and don’t worry too much about their leaving, you are always in their heart!

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