Will It Be A $700 Day?

Tomorrow is garage sale day. Ron is bringing home some tables this morning so we can start setting up. I’m not sure what kind of expectations to have. I’m hoping for wild success. But I’ve learned to keep my expectations kind of low so I don’t get disappointed. So, we are gonna set it up and see what happens!

This was supposed to be the garage sale in Ohio that didn’t happen in June. Our stuff has been piled up in the garage in boxes and bags since then. I can’t imagine how empty the place will be after the sale tomorrow when all the leftovers are sitting in a big semi truck trailer in the Goodwill parking lot. I might even be able to get my car in the garage. OK, that’s probably pushing it a bit. But I’m ready to get it all out of there. If there are a few coins jangling in my pocket that’s all the better.

The best yard sale we ever had was right before we moved from Joelton to Nashville 5 years ago. We made $700. It was beautiful. Oh and we also sold our house that day. Well, it wasn’t exactly that day but we put our For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard. About 15 minutes later we had a couple ask about it. They were asking for the man’s parents who were moving to the area to be close to them (about a mile away). They asked to see the house. Have you ever had a yard sale? Have you ever been packing to move at the same time? Then you know what the inside of the house looked like. And we still SOLD it!!!! It was a God thing.

This time will be a little different. I’d still like to make the $700 but this time the house will NOT be for sale. But we do have a home gym and a piano………


5 thoughts on “Will It Be A $700 Day?

  1. Mommy’s Moments sent me…

    We’re in the process of moving in with some DEAR friend’s (a married couple and their 3 and 4 year old children). They offered to allow my family of four (my husband, myself and our 3 year old and baby – who turned 1 on Wednesday) to live with them for the next year. (We’ve been struggling since my son was born a year ago and a post-op infection nearly killed me)…Anyways, we were planning on having our first garage sale next weekend (we’re moving on 8/30)…But now my husband has to have surgery on Monday…So, I’ve had to ditch the garage sale idea and hope that I can have some success with Craigslist and Ebay.

    Good luck tomorrow! I’ll have to remember to check back on Monday and see how you did!!!

    • That’s a lot of life changes! We were gonna do the Craigslist route and prolly will for the big things that don’t sell. I hope things go well! Hugs to you all darlin’.

    • Now that my kids are old enough to realize that we get money by selling all our stuff they demand their fair share. So, I’m not as rich as I would have been had they still been in the dark.

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