Feelin’ Fine and Lookin’ Good

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the different Advocare products that I’ve tried. The Spark is just priceless. I’ll still be drinking a glass of energy when I am 110 in the nursing home. I am now trying the Pink Lemonade flavor. I’ve been a grape girl from the beginning. But this lemonade tastes EXACTLY like a glass of lemonade. You don’t even know you are drinking something healthy.

Another product I have tried but not reordered yet are the BioTools. I fully intend to get some more though. This product did amazing things for my digestive system. As you are probably aware, those of us with Fibromyalgia most likely also suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It ain’t pretty but it’s a fact. When I was taking the BioTools every day I felt like a normal person. I’ve been off of it for a couple of weeks now and am starting to notice my symptoms returning. I deliberately took a break from it when I ran out so I could compare how I felt with and without it. I can tell more of a difference each day.

I have done the Herbal Cleanse a couple of times. You are supposed to do them 90 days apart. However, the first time I took it I was on a medication that counteracted the benefits of the cleanse. So, I did it a couple of weeks later without the medicine and it worked much better. It sparked some weight loss that is continuing for me. That was a welcome surprise.

I have also been using MNS 3. It is a product that pumps you full of vitamins and herbs while it helps to control your appetite. It is designed to be taken after doing the cleanse initially. This product kind of picks up where the cleanse left off. I also give credit to this for my weight loss over the summer.

I got an order in yesterday that I will begin today called CorePlex. It is a type of multivitamin with the benefit of also helping with digestion, boosting the immune system and giving you energy. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Because Advocare was initially made for professional athletes their line of performance products is extensive. I ordered Lauren the Nighttime Recovery. It enhances muscle growth and repair to sustain effective use of muscles. The only problem is that they are “the size of my toe” (according to her). I cut it up into 4 pieces last night. I hope it will help her or else I’m not sure I can get her to take it. She is already using the Rehydrate during soccer games. She says that really helps her to keep going much better than Gatorade or even water.

So there is the rundown on the Advocare products we have tried and/or are using. I’ve been very pleased with it all. It’s well worth the money because you can tell such a difference in your quality of life. How much are you willing to pay for that? That’s really the question.


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