It’s Friday Friday – Time to Link Up

3in30 Challenge I am very happy to write this entry this week. Some weeks in recent months Fridays were not my favorite days here at The Journey Leads Home. But this week I’m please to write my 3 in 30 update. If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t SHAME ON YOU!) then you have been seeing me post my progress throughout the week. I have truly found that tweeting my success or failure on Twitter helps to keep me motivated and focused. I know when I see a fellow 3 in 30ier post anything on Twitter about their progress or frustrations not only does it prompt me to encourage them but it also prompts me to get myself moving. 3 in 30 has been the best thing for me in the last 7 months. It is forming habits that I have needed to work on for a long time now. It has also helped me to find some new friends and new blogs to read. So many of us moms out there are struggling with disappointment and feelings of failure. But that one encouraging word can make a big difference in a day. I have vowed every week to read each entry linked up on the 3 in 30 site. Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 days to get through them all but I am doing it. I know how important support is and I want to provide that to my fellow bloggers.

Now on with my update really quick:

1 – Laundry – Yawwwwnnnnn – I have managed to keep it up this week. There were a few days I didn’t do a load, which is my goal, but one day I did about 6 loads from start to finish (folded/hung up and but away). That’s not the ideal way I want to do it. But that’s how it panned out this week. And really if you get to Friday and have clean underwear in the drawers and clean towels in the linen closet what does it really matter when they were done. Incidently I have massive numbers of towels and underwear so that I can “afford” to get behind on the laundry. How sad is that?

2 – Soccer – this is just the beginning of the soccer season. This Tuesday I didn’t make it to Lauren’s game because I was in bed with a flare headache. But so far I have made every game. I went to the last half of one practice. I am satisfied with that. Last night Lauren texted me “thank you for always supporting me”. That made me smile and gave me a chance to tell her that “I will always have our back and will be the loudest one cheering for you on the sidelines – ALWAYS”!

3 – Bible Study with Ron – we had our first session this Wednesday night. I think the study is just right for us. I hope you got to read the entry of my thoughts on chapter one of the book. If not, click that link and it will take you to the entry. It’s going to be a challenge. But challenging a husband and wife to spend time together studying God’s Word is ALWAYS worth the effort.

I’m looking forward to finish strong in August. I’m already thinking through my goals for September. Now I’m gonna go link this post up, read what has been linked already and then checking out the new 3 in 30 forum. I hope you will think about joining us.


8 thoughts on “It’s Friday Friday – Time to Link Up

  1. You are really doing well. I am following your Twitter updates and they motivate me -thanks. I am trying to wash, dry fold and put away as I go…the trouble is, hubby throws in some loads and then they pile up and I have piles to deal with instead of a quick put-away! I guess the alternative is to ban him from laundry but I haven’t got the courage to do that.

    Gems x

  2. You are doing great 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement that you tweeted my way this week!! I agree, sending encouragment is such a wonderful aspect of this group!!

  3. I follow your blog but my computer will not let me follow your tweets – guess because it is a mac? I miss keeping up with the soccer games

  4. Great Job this week! Shame on me I wasn’t following you on twitter but now I am 🙂 One of my goals is the laundry also! Keep on fighting the good fight!

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