Laundry, Sunshine and Bible Study…Oh my!

It is Friday! It is Friday! It is Friday! You know what that means around here at The Journey Leads Home? It means a 3 in 30 Challenge update! Normally when we slide into Friday I’m a bit apprehensive about posting an update. That’s usually because I haven’t had much success in the week to report on. This week isn’t a shining week of incredible success. But after 8 months of participating in the challenge I’m learning that every week is not gonna be a great one. Some weeks are just gonna be better than others. This week hasn’t been a total waste. I have spent most of the week in bed thanks to a mind splitting headache that has grabbed ahold of me and refuses to let go. However I have had some success anyway. I haven’t done as well as I could have done. But who always does? If you always do your very best at everything you set your mind to will you please share your secret? You could make millions by sharing that little tidbit of information.

One thing about spending all day every day in bed around here is that I keep up with the laundry so much better. That happens because I am laying right there next to the laundry room and can hear the machines stop. And I can stay in bed while I fold clothes. When I get up to let Faith out or go to the bathroom I will grab a pile of clothes and put them away. It’s a slow process but at least I feel a sense of success about SOMETHING at the end of the day.

There were quite a few nice mild days this week. While one of my goals is to get outside more I didn’t quite make that goal very much. However, I did open the windows a couple of days and let some fresh air in the house. I can’t leave them open too long because we have bad allergies. But an hour or so just to air out the house  a few times was really nice. I still had the smell of fresh air in the bedroom for days after the first time I did it. That was uplifting. While Tropical Storm Lee was hanging out here most of the time just opening the windows even to hear the rain was refreshing.

Ron and I did our Bible Study Wednesday night. You know what I loved the most? When the kids got home from church and walked by our room they came in and asked what we were doing. So, we got to show them that we were doing our Bible study while they were at theirs. I loved living that in front of them. We all shared a little about what we learned that evening – them at youth group and us at home. Next week’s study covers two chapters so starting today I will need to start reading to prepare for next week’s study. I will also be writing about each chapter this coming week as well.

So, while it wasn’t perfect, I think the week went well. Now I’m off to link up and check out other’s updates and see how they did. Support and encouragement! That’s what it’s about!


10 thoughts on “Laundry, Sunshine and Bible Study…Oh my!

  1. I did the same thing with airing out the house! We have bad allergies, too, but I still leave at least one window cracked in every room and we have adjusted to that and two in some rooms. But I also opened the balcony door twice, so far, and freshened up the house.

    I hope you will soon be feeling better! Congrats on all the laundry you got done.

  2. Awwwww— at your kids coming in while you were doing your study, and being able to share what you were all learning.

    I LOVE that!!! I am hopeful that we are able to do the same thing for our boys!

  3. Perfect, smerfect- who needs it? Thanks for keeping it real! You’re so right: some weeks are better than others! I think it’s great that ya’ll are all doing a Bible study. Living the talk in front of the children is what training up a child is all about. Great job!

  4. Awe Pam, I didn’t know you get headaches, too ;( I’ve gotten them for as long as I can remember and they SUCK! But we get through and do the best we can. We DO have a lot in common, an looking forward to getting to know you more!

  5. Oh, that is a good idea! I don’t like leaving the windows open because of allergies either, but I’ve never thought about just doing it for an hour or so to air things out. I’m going to have to try that out!

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