One Two Three BREATHE….

I decided to revive (thus the CPR title) a blog hop that I have abandoned this summer. I haven’t participated since July 11th. But today I’m getting back on track with Multitude Monday based on Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts (which I haven’t gotten yet). So, on July 11th I ended with number 68. So I will begin with #69 today.

69 – Pain medicine – As someone with Fibromyalgia pain medicine is my best friend. I’ve tried them all. Right now I’m on Nucynta, which appears to be working for my over all pain. It’s not so great for my headaches. But that’s another blog post completely.

70 – My church – Even though I don’t get to go all the time I do so love it. Is it perfect? No – is yours? But there are people who truly care about me. I went for the first time in a long time this morning. Granted I had to leave early due to a panic attack but I hope to never take my church for granted. Our staff is wonderful. Our pastor is awesome. Our worship is the best. It ministers to my spirit. The Donelson Fellowship, I love you!

71 – Changing of the seasons – We used to live in Central Florida where winter lasts about 2 weeks. The rest of the year it is summer. But I have to say I really enjoy living somewhere that experiences the changing seasons. I love the cool weather that comes dancing in on the wind after the long humid days of summer. And then I love the warm weather that sneaks up on us after the long bitter winter. My Fibro doesn’t like it so much but it’ll get over it.

72 – My friends – I have some terrific friends. I truly do! I have friends from the past who I stay in contact with thanks to the internet. I have friends who check on me thanks to texting. I have amazing neighbors who are like family to me. I hope that occasionally I am able to be as good a friend to them as they are to me. I spend most days thinking I let them down but they assure me that I don’t.

If you have things you are thankful for in your life then you can participate in Multitudes on Monday as well. Follow the link and join us.


One thought on “One Two Three BREATHE….

  1. I hope to be among those friends listed . . . thanks for keeping up with us via internet and texting. The Hunter Family is an incredible unit! We love each of you!

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