Sanctus Real, Leeland and the D6 Conference

Next week is a big week in the Hunter household and the Randall House Publications office. Next week is the D6 Conference. Never heard of it? Follow that link and check it out! You won’t be disappointed. I think you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised. It’s all about connecting the family and the church spiritually. It’s Biblical and it’s a challenge our churches need to meet and lead our families into. There is a speaker list as long as my arm. My husband’s company, Randall House Publications, run the conference each year.

But what I’m MOST excited about is an event that is taking place Wednesday night at 7:00. A CONCERT WITH SANCTUS REAL AND LEELAND!!!! Not sure who they are? Here is a video of the song Lead Me by Sanctus Real. I think you’ll know who they are when you hear this song.

Leeland came on the scene a few years ago. I actually saw him in concert when he was touring with Casting Crowns before. You may not be able to picture him off the top of your head. But I think when you hear this You Tube video you will instantly recognize him.

The thing about this incredible concert is that you don’t have to be attending the D6 Conference in order to attend the concert. So if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Frisco area you really should grab some friends and come check out the concert. Just listening to these you tube vids is getting me excited about the worship that will be taking place next Wednesday night in Frisco, TX. Visit the D6 Conference link above to get information on the concert, location and how to get tickets. Join me! Be sure to find me so I can meet you.


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