Our First Acceptance

As if I’m not having a hard enough time with the kids growing up already, Michael received his acceptance letter to Tennessee Tech University yesterday. lt is his first choice and so far is the only application he has sent in. He has been accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program. I’m so very proud but nowhere near as proud as HE is! I’ve never seen him smile so big. Last night before going out with his friends he said “the senioritis is gonna be awful”. Indeed it will be. It will be difficult to get him to focus on school work for the next six and a half months. He is so ready to be finished with school and to get on with his life as an adult. He is going to be an awesome adult. He’ll be the one on TTU campus who will love soaking up every new fact about engineering. He’ll be the one who loves going to work every day to engineer something (can you tell I don’t know a whole lot about engineering – HA).

So we are one down and one to go. Not sure what is in store for Lauren. But I am working on taking my hands off and agreeing to letting God control her future. That’s so hard for me. It’s a conscious decision every day to not lay things out for her and tell her what to do in order to get “there”. I realize I’ve spent most of her life making things easy for her. BIG mistake on my part. After 16 1/2 years of controlling things it’s hard to learn how to let go and let God have the job. I realize He hasn’t needed my help at all over all these years. I’ve probably gotten in His way more than I’ve helped. But it’s never too late to let go and let God have the control.


One thought on “Our First Acceptance

  1. Letting go and Letting God is hard in so many aspects of life especially with our children whom we protect, teach, nurture from the beginning. Then suddenly you have to let them be adults. I just can’t imagine that yet, but I know for sure I’ll be getting in the way more than I should as well.
    On a positive parenting note though, I am so happy to see kids excited about their future, college etc. I know so many teenagers that have absolutely no motivation for anything after high school and its really sad. I was always a self motivated person and got myself thru college on my own both financially and emotionally just due to leaving home at such a young age and when I see kids just not care about their future, I want to slap the stupid off them. So good job in keeping your kids properly motivated! 🙂

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