Rejected Love

We have been doing a great Bible study in Lifegroup (Our church’s Sunday School program). It’s been wonderful. But because we do it during the Lifegroup hour the only thing we get to do in our Beth Moore study is watch the weekly video. We don’t get any discussion time. It’s been wonderful but I do miss the discussion time. I heard a few really great points in this morning’s video that I wanted to share. Since we don’t discuss in class and I have a blog that means I get to share my thoughts with you here.

We are doing an older study of Beth Moore’s called Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit. It has been wonderful so far. I love any of her studies. She is a very gifted Bible teacher. I am always challenged by everything she writes. You can tell that she spends some serious time with God preparing for each lesson and before every video session.

This week we have been studying the first fruit of the Spirit – love. Each day of the homework was challenging and moving. However the points that I want to share with you here today came from her video session. It was about love and rejection. Who among us has experienced rejection? If anyone says they haven’t then I think it’s pretty clear that you need to look a little deeper inside yourself.

Have you ever noticed that a prerequisite to rejection is relationship. It could be a romantic relationship or a friend/family relationship. Now there was a wonderful outline that she covered but I’m not gonna reteach the whole lesson. There were just a few points I wanted to cover because they struck me in a powerful way.

When we are confronted with a rejection it leaves a vacancy in our spirit. Because we feel that vacancy we then attempt to fill it ourselves. It leads us to act and do things we wouldn’t normally do. That of course leads us to more heartache and more rejection. Even though we know where our actions are coming from – a place of hurt – we fight to regain that person who rejected us, whether they are good or bad for us. And if we accept that they are gone we often seek how best we can go about making them pay for how they have hurt us. There are times that God leads us to that place of rejection because the situation we were in is not His perfect will for us. I dare say if you think back to a lot of those rejections you experienced you will see that they were really the best thing for us. Yes it hurts! But often the pain is what leads us to a complete healing from Christ. God is sovereign and He knows best what is ahead of us. Our job is to trust Him with that future and not take things into our own hands. That never ends well.

The last point I wanted to make is how we feel rejected when we are showing love to someone. I’m sure this could be true for any relationship but I thought of my children first of all. Because I have teenagers I am familiar with the whole ignore mom and maybe she’ll go away thing. I Corinthians 13:8 says “Love never fails”. The translation of the word “fail” is ekpipto. It means “to drop away or fall away”. So, think about that, Love never falls away. When we show love to someone (in my case, my kids) and they don’t receive it God does not allow that love to “drop” or “fall”. So what happens to it, you ask? God accepts it. He accepts our love even when it’s directed somewhere else and goes unnoticed by that person. It doesn’t go unnoticed by God. He sees us. He sees our heart. He sees our offering of love. He sees how the other person doesn’t accept it. He steps up and takes it. The times our love seems to be rejected it really isn’t.

How awesome are those points? I knew you would like them. This coming week we are studying joy. You know what I like about joy? It has nothing to do with happiness. Joy and happiness are two different things. Where does true joy come from? You give it some thought and we’ll discuss it next week.


2 thoughts on “Rejected Love

  1. Wow…
    This is good stuff…
    I haven’t ever heard of that study. I am going to go look for it!
    Thanks for covering the highlights! WIll you (pretty please) do this every week?

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