Need Some JOY in Your Life?

I didn’t make it to church yesterday. But I did do my Beth Moore Living Beyond Yourself homework this week. Remember last week we talked about Love? This week the fruit of the Spirit we are gonna talk about it JOY! What more perfect fruit to follow love. When one has Agape Love (the love of Christ) in their heart what more incredible fruit is there than JOY to touch the deepest part of that heart. This week’s lesson covered the five key sources of joy. I’m not sure if I will cover all five of them in depth. I guess we’ll find out when I get finished. (Remember I write off the top of my head. If I tried to write an outline I’d just abandon it anyway.)

Notice I said we are talking about Joy and not happiness. They are NOT the same thing. One is dependent on one’s circumstances (happiness) and one is dependent on the condition of one’s soul. Happiness can run hot and cold. I can be experiencing pure happiness this minute and depression the next. However, no matter whether one is happy or depressed they can still have JOY.

The Greek word (original language of the New Testament) for Joy in Galatians 5:22 is “chara” which means a whole lot of incredible words that boil down pretty much to the term “to celebrate”. As a matter of fact, the word JOY is used 244 times in New International Version of the Bible. That’s a lot of JOY. Based on just the number of times the word is used in the Bible what would you think is the source of JOY. Psalm 51:12 says “Restore to me the joy of your salvation…” and David writes in Psalm 43:4 “I will go to the altar of God, my joy and my delight”. Joy reaches to the deepest part of the soul. Our soul is made to be the home of the Holy Spirit. Wouldn’t you think when we invite the Holy Spirit to come and live in the soul that was created for him that he would bring JOY right along with him? For that reason the source of JOY is what brings the Holy Spirit into our soul and that would be our salvation.

Think about it! Think of what God has given for us. Think of what he has saved us FROM. Do you feel that twinge inside of you when you think of just those two things? That’s JOY!

There is so much else to say. I can’t believe I’ve only covered the first of five sources of JOY and it has taken me 537 words to do so. I can see I have some more writing to do this week. We still need to cover the other 4 sources, what we can do if we are a Christian but can’t quite feel that twinge I was talking about and then how to rediscover the JOY of our salvation. I hope you’ll come back as I keep sharing what blessed me this week.

If you have not asked Christ to come into your soul and fill that spot reserved just for him please let me know. I want to tell you how you can experience the JOY of salvation.


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