I totally intended to write this post yesterday. However, I ended up sleeping nearly the entire day. I had a headache like no other (well, I’ve had a number of those actually) and just ended up in the same position the entire afternoon asleep. Faith laid behind my knees and she and I enjoyed the cozy day in dreamland.

As you read this chances are I am going under the needle. Today I’m having my second RFA procedure. The right side was done 2 weeks ago. Today is the left side. I dread the pain and the “heavy head” feeling. But hopefully in a few days these headaches will be gone for a few months again. Not sure when I will be up to writing again. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be back.

So much excitement coming up around here this weekend. The kids are having a “party” Friday or Saturday night. Sunday night is Trunk or Treat at our church. The every Halloween we have a street party. This year we are having a potluck in the street. We always get together with our bowls of candy all together on a table so the little ones who come trick or treating just have to walk down the table and get something from each bowl. It’s fun and safer for all the little ones. And we are always looking for a reason to get together on Cather Ct.

I have moved up in the world. This past weekend I finally broke down and agreed to get an iPhone. I loved my Droid and I miss it. But the iPhone and I are getting acquainted. I’m not sure how long it will take me to figure out all it will do. I would never have been able to figure out how to get it set up without my brilliant Apple/Mac loving husband though. The thing is definitely smarter than me.

Well, I know this wasn’t much of anything worth reading. But I wanted to touch base and let you know what was going on around here. If I’m gone for a few days you will now know why. I appreciate any prayers you could send up on my behalf. I will need all I can get. I hope each of you have a good week. I’ll be back when I can get back.


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