Goals Goals Goals

Well today is a first for a couple of occasions for me here for November. I am getting back on the wagon with 3 in 30. I took a couple of months off because of health reasons and because we’ve been so busy I just haven’t taken the time to stay on top of things. And I’m also participating in NaBloPoMo once again. I haven’t done that since the spring. For the same reasons above I have gotten away from posting regularly here. I miss it and I feel so disconnected from my friends when I am not writing to you regularly.

First of all, as a refresher, 3 in 30 is a monthly challenge where you set 3 goals for yourself to work on in the next month (usually 30 days). Each Friday you write an update on how you’ve done on your goals that week and then you link it up on the 3 in 30 site. The support you receive from others who are taking part in the challenge is wonderful. You connect with them via Twitter and Facebook. It’s a wonderful opportunity to accomplish something you’ve been wanting to do and also make great new encouraging friends. I have missed all of them by not participating for a couple of months. I’m glad to be back.

Now to set my goals:

1. As is always the case for 3 in 30 for me, I vow to wash at least once load of laundry a day. Laundry is my arch enemy. It’s the biggest job that I hate the most around here. It has been on my goal list since I first began 3 in 30 back in February. I still haven’t mastered it yet. But I will keep it on the list until I have set the routine and accomplish it – no matter how long it takes.

2. Work on Bible Study at least 5 days a week. I am currently in a Lifegroup at church that is doing the Beth Moore study LIving Beyond Yourself. If you know anything about Beth Moore Bible studies then you know each week consists of 5 days of homework. Lately I have been doing the homework but I have mostly been doing it all on Saturday night because I am such a procrastinator. I would really prefer not to cram it all in at the last second. So, I’m thinking I might actually do the study as it was meant to be done – in 5 days instead of 1.

3. Post a daily entry to my blog for NaBloPoMo. The National Blog Posting Month is a great way to encourage you to post more regularly to your blog. There is usually a theme for the month. But November is the only month that doesn’t have a theme so it’s a great time to start. I need to get back into the habit of posting daily. The NaBloPoMo powers that be could happen by your blog any day to check up on you. There are prizes involved – although I’ve never won any prizes. I just don’t have that kind of luck. I don’t win anything. But I figure this month if I can keep up with 3 in 30 AND NaBloPoMo then I have really won anyway. NaBloPoMo is now being hosted on Blogher. You can visit my Blogher profile and check it all out. Or click this button below or in my sidebar:

NaBloPoMo 2011

There you have it! Care to join me?


2 thoughts on “Goals Goals Goals

  1. I do the 3 in 30 challenge and just signed up for the NaBloPoMo!
    LOVE your goals for November! Looking forward to following you!
    Feel free to stop by my blog!
    Have a great day! 🙂

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