Washing, Studying and Writing

I have finished week one of November’s 3 in 30 challenge. And I must say it went rather well. I’m very pleased actually. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to participate in this challenge. Everytime I see a tweet come through from 3n30 or when I see something from 3 in 30 appear in my FB timeline I stop and think “have I met my goals for today”. I’m looking forward to posting this and linking it up on the site. Then I’ll spend some time touring blogland to encourage my fellow 3 in 30iers. But first, here is my update:

1. Laundry – I have done pretty well with this goal this week. My goal is to do at least one load a day. Somedays I have done more than one. But I have definitely done at least one load each day this week.

2. Bible Study – I haven’t been as consistent with this one as with the others. But I’m not behind. Each Beth Moore Bible study gives five lessons of homework to do in the week. So you have 5 days of study homework. The idea is to do one each day and have two days off. Well, it’s been a week and I am halfway through day 3. So tonight I will be doing 2 1/2 days. But that’s still better than it was – doing all 5 days on Saturday night.

3. NaBloPoMo – I’m right on target with this one. I have posted at least once ever day since November 1. So far I am where I’m supposed to be. Ron will be gone most of next week and then I will be out of town next weekend. So this next week will be the true test of this challenge.

At any rate, I am pleased! Now I’m off to see how my fellow challengers are doing this week.


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