Daylight Savings Day That Doesn’t Seem To End

I almost missed the day! I am determined to make NaBloPoMo a success here at TJLH. But I almost missed it today. Last night the time changed. That’s great for the mornings but it stinks for the evenings. Today seemed like about 3 days all in one. But it was a great day. It started out with church. I woke up in the middle of the night because my body doesn’t know how to sleep in. So I wasn’t sure I would make it to church. But I pushed through, got ready and headed that way. Lauren got her permit the other day (FINALLY!!!) so she got to drive to church. She wanted me to go to first service with her but my Lifegroup meets during first service so I go to second service. Her’s is the opposite. So I asked her to go to LG with me. We are watching the videos for the Living Beyond Yourself Bible study. She has never heard Beth Moore before. She loved it! She said she learned more in that one video than she usually does on Sundays. I was so excited to share Beth with her. I knew she would love her. You can’t possibly watch Beth Moore and not love her.

This afternoon was Lauren’s photo shoot for her senior pictures with JC. JC was Lauren’s Sunday School teacher in 7th grade. She told the girls in her class that year that when they graduated she would do their senior pictures for a good deal. The session was incredible! I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. If you will click the link above, JC, you will go to her photography website. You will see how amazing she is. The session was a lot of work to get ready for and a lot of time. But it was worth every second. I tried not to take pictures. I didn’t want to encroach on her space. But I snapped a few. Only a couple of them with Lauren in them. We went to a local spot where graffiti artists are allowed to tag freely. Graffiti is an amazing art form. Here are just a few pictures I got. I can’t wait to share JC’s pictures with you.

Amazing art work

Hope your Sunday was a good as mine. I swear it seems like the day that never ends though. And now it is Ambien O’Clock and it finally ends. Good night!


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