A Sneak Peek

As you know it is our senior year around here – for both of my kids. So we have planted a money tree in our yard and have been doing all the senior stuff most families do one at a time. One of the things we have raided our money tree for so far is two sets of senior pictures. We have an incredibly talented friend from church who is a photographer. She used to be Lauren’s Sunday School teacher in 7th grade. When she stopped teaching she promised them all that she would take their senior pictures at half price for them when they were seniors. Soooooo this year is THE year that she makes good on that promise. She has been a busy photographer! She spent about 2 1/2 hours 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon with Lauren taking her pictures. Then the following Tuesday she did the same with Michael. We are gonna plant a couple more money trees so we can buy one of every picture! So far she has officially released just one picture. She takes about 1000 pictures and then she personally edits them. So it takes her some time. But here is the one picture she has released of Lauren’s session.

Isn’t it amazing??? I just can’t wait to see some more!

If you live in the Middle Tennessee area you really should check out Jessica Rai (“JC”) for your photography needs. She does it all. She is the sweetest thing and has been blessed with an incredible talent. She is using her God given talent to bless us this month. Let her do the same for you. She’s AWESOME!!!


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