I Think I’m Gonna Cry

A couple of weeks I posted a sneak preview picture of Lauren when JC put it up. She posted a sneak peek of Michael’s this weekend. I just can’t believe it. So amazing! This makes me want to cry!! See what I mean:

My musician

She is just so good at capture the spirit of her clients. You can tell exactly who Michael is by looking at just this one picture. I can’t wait till the rest of his are ready. It worked out so well considering our locations all changed at the last minute. One of the buildings we were gonna use for his shoot was in the process of being torn down – literally – at the very time we were supposed to be there. She did a quick drive around town and found another location that was just incredible. Didn’t shake her up a bit! And it was perfect for HIM.

She posted the blog preview of a small portion (about 10 pictures) of Lauren’s shoot on her blog this weekend. You can see them HERE. She offers a blog comment contest with her clients. If we can get 50 comments on Lauren’s entry she will give us a free mounted 11 x 14 of our choice. I would so appreciate it if you would leave a little comment of some kind if you go visit over there. Having 2 seniors at the same time means BIG BUCKS all year long but especially on senior pictures. We could really use that free picture.

As you can see, JC is such an incredible photographer. If you live in Middle Tennessee please consider contacting her. She is awesome! You can get her contact information off of her blog where you will be viewing (AND COMMENTING ON) Lauren’s pictures. 😉


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