Same Song Different Verse

Yesterday’s post here was a preview of Michael’s senior pictures. The rest of his preview was released today on the same blog where Lauren’s were a few days ago. Click here to see them.

The most incredible picture of them all – in mama’s mind is:

Is that incredible or what?

We reached our 50 comments on Lauren’s post to earn a free mounted 11×14 picture of our choice. Now we need to reach 50 comments on Michael’s post. We can’t have one 11×14 picture when we have 2 kids. I so appreciate your help the other day. If you wouldn’t mind would you leave a comment on Michael’s post when you go to see his pictures too? These pictures just bring tears to my eyes. It’s hard to believe how big and gorgeous they are – I can say that because I’m their Mama so it’s not considered bragging.

Thank you all for helping us in this endeavor!! As I’ve said a hundred times already JC is an amazing photographer! We’ll use her anytime we need a photographer. She’s just so good!


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