The Culture Morality Paradox

The Culture Morality Paradox

By: Mike Stokes


About forty or fifty years ago people, in general, had a more compelling sense of morality than today. In the area of religion, there were fewer schools of higher learning which taught morals, ethics and Christian principles. Yet, the culture, was more Christian based; families were stronger; Christian principles of living more evident; people were honest and sincere in their faith and practice of Christian ethics.


Today, there are a large number of Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries that are Biblical based, teaching sound theology. Yet, the culture (the people), are less moral and ethical than a half century ago. This irony leads me to wonder how much longer can sound Biblical theology coexist with an immoral culture?


If this trend were to continue for another, say, fifty years, it would be hard to imagine the kind of world we would have. How can sound theology be overwhelmed by the moral deterioration of the culture? We are not without example of this irony in history. Great Britain, for many years was the cradle of Christianity, it is not so today. One would think that sound Biblical preaching and strong churches, which Britain had, would be able to overcome and overpower the evil influences in a society. It is possible that God could, as he did regarding Britain and Scotland, move the cradle of Christianity to yet another continent.


Does this mean that evil can overwhelm sound theology? If an evil culture can overpower Biblical based theology, what are we to do? In the Parable of the Wheat and Tares (Matt.13: 24-30), the message is, let them grow together and at the harvest, there will be a separation. Our response should not be a sense of despair or defeat, but of trust. The Lord knows them that are His and will not suffer the loss of even one of His own.


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