Dear Santa – Just How Much Do You Know???

Is it ever too late to write a letter to Santa? I mean if you write it before December 25th you’re writing for this Christmas. If you write it on December 26th it’s really just giving Santa the heads up on what you want for next year. If he’s the first one you tell you have a good chance of him getting it all together. Since he isn’t coming until tomorrow night I figure I’m still good for this Christmas.

First of all we should clear up that whole naughty or nice thing. Just how important is this exactly? And what is considered “nice” or “naughty”? Your in depth explanation of those terms will determine what I admit to doing and whether it was nice or naughty. Just how closely do you stick to this rule? In determining my level of nice-or-naughtiness keep in mind that I have two teenagers. Please understand that you can’t take their word for everything. There have been a number of necessary instances where discipline was needed. So please just ask me directly. I can explain the situations much better than they can. After all, they are just CHILDREN. Their understanding of naughty or nice has been screwed up for years. You can take my word for that one!

Do you grade on a curve? Are there different levels that determine a gift’s value? What naughty-or-nice level would a Dooney & Burke purse be on? Just how good does one have to be to qualify for one? I do already have one picked out. It wouldn’t take any real effort on your part really. I’d be doing you a favor actually. I’d really like a Louis Vuitton purse but I’m not positive how much you’ve seen this year and how much you’ve missed. So, I’ll stick with the Dooney.

Let’s just keep it at that. I need to gather more information on your level of knowledge before I push it too much more. But I would like to say thank you for the black peacoat. I’m glad that one came a little early because it’s been a rough week. You don’t take presents back, do you? If you do then I’m pretty sure I’ll be living in the street.


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