Vera Bradley, Seminoles and God’s Holy Word

It’s day 3 of the January Photo A Day challenge from Chantelle’s blog. If you want to check out other’s pictures you can look for other entries on Twitter under the hashtag #janphotoaday as well. Let’s see what today’s theme is:

Something You Adore – Wow! I could make an entire blog of pictures of things I adore. I think the obvious answer is my family. But I’m going to go with a THING. Later in the list it asks for SomeONE You Love. So I’m going to assume this one is for a THING. (Did I already say that?) Now there is the problem of narrowing down the list to one thing I love. Therein lies the problem.

Ok I found a few things. This is extremely edited. But this is just some of the things I love right now.

This is my newly redone mantle. I just did it today using the kids’ senior pictures. The two black cats were my Mamaw’s. I always love incorporating them somewhere out so they can be seen. You really can’t see them but there are also two items under the frame on the right. One is a plate in a little stand that Lauren got me for Christmas one year. And then there is a framed poem that Michael got me one year.

And now one more picture of some items I have upstairs with me right now that I love.

My new Seminoles sweatshirt that Ron got me for Christmas this year, a warm cuddly blanket the kids got me a few years ago, my Vera Bradley toiletries bag, my large Vera Bradley duffle bag and finally my Life Application Study Bible (NIV) – my favorite Bible of all time.

Now I’m off to check out some other pictures other’s have shared via Twitter. I wonder if I’m the only person who is saving my family pictures for the LOVE day.


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