A Black Pea Coat and An Awesome FSU Sweatshirt

Moving on with the photo a day challenge. I hope you all enjoyed my LETTERbox yesterday. And for today we have………………..

Today is Something You Wore day. I have a couple of different pictures to share. Most days I am in yoga pants or sweats with a big tee shirt, no make-up and unbrushed hair. I am always comfortable but wish that I had something to do each day so I could wear real clothes and makeup. But this is just easier. Clinton and Stacy would have a hey day with me on What Not To Wear.

The two items I’m posting are things I asked for and got for Christmas this year.

Here I am in my new Florida State Seminoles sweatshirt. It’s super cute. It’s fitted and has a vee neck and a little hood. Adorable!

Here I am a few weeks ago on the day of my uncle’s funeral in Kentucky. I’m wearing my new black pea coat. It’s so beautiful. The lining is a rich purple satin. My kids got it for me.


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