A Childhood and A Sleigh

Well I missed yesterday again. By the time I got around to doing the chosen picture I was beat and decided I would just post two today. Plus I wasn’t sure what to post for “Childhood”. I don’t have any pictures of me growing up on this computer to post. So, I had a different idea about how to go about choosing pictures for that. Here is my idea:

I grew up in New Carlisle Ohio. It’s “right there” on the map. It’s a tiny dot. Don’t blink!

We did have our own water tower. So, that kind of made us legit – even though the population is about 5,500.

It was one of those kinds of town with one street of store fronts. We didn’t call it DOWNtown. We called it UPtown. I’m not sure what the difference is but it didn’t really matter because THIS is the town. Well there are store fronts to match on the other side of the street too.

This was my elementary school – Westlake Elementary. I went here for 1-6th grade. Then my parents sent me to “the big city” to middle/high school. My mom was the head librarian from the time I was in first grade until 2009. That was pretty cool – except when I would get in trouble. They build a new school about 5 years ago. This building is no longer standing. Yes, I feel old.

Today’s theme is Where You Sleep. That is much easier because I’m sitting on it.

Our Queen sleigh bed. I feel the need to explain the purpose of the blue/green paint there on the left. I have many other splotches of color on other walls. I’ve been trying for 3 years to come up with the right paint color that I want in here. Obviously that hideous color isn’t it. Thankfully I think Pinterest has saved the day though. I think I’ve found the right color in a picture on there.

So there you have it!



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