I Want My Man To Be A Doer

I'm Joining the 31DBBS Challenge I’m trying to figure out why I feel led to pray all of these prayers that are supposed to be for Ron for myself! God is sneaky like that. It works that way with sermons too. When Pastor Rob is preaching and I think “so and so really needed to hear that” I’m also reminded that I AM “so and so”.

Today I am praying for obedience in Ron’s life based on James 1:22 – “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourself.” SEE WHAT I MEAN?? Did that just step on your toes too? This verse matches up perfecting with James 4:17 – “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” OUCH! How many times do we feel led to do or say something about Christ but clamp our mouths shut and keep quiet?

I think I need this prayer for myself as much as I need to pray it for my husband. Heavenly Father, I pray that You would impress upon my Ron’s heart his need to live in obedience to Your Word. I pray that he would understand Your all-consuming love for him and respond in obedience and worship. May his life of obedience be a reflection of his love for You. And may I never be a hindrance to his obedience to You.

I know there are times when he may feel led to do something as our family’s leader but he feels torn between leading us according to God’s will or pleasing me. I don’t want to be that stumbling block that causes him to be in disobedience to God’s leading. He is the spiritual leader of our home/family. I need to be willing to be led. I know I’m not very good at that. I know my shortcomings. And I know how he wants to please me or make the kids happy. I pray that God will give him to qualities he needs to stand firm in his obedience to the leading of the Spirit.

And, God, just smack me upside the head, ok? Thanks – that’d be great!


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