Yeah Yeah Yeah So I’m a Little Behind

Once again I am behind – somehow I’m sure that doesn’t surprise any of you. I just like to keep you guessing!

January 13 – In your bag – I love carrying big bags but I don’t have a lot of stuff (believe it or not) and I keep them organized in separate pouches. Here is proof:

See there! The small pink Vera Bradley pouch is my money. The small aqua one with the polka dots is my cards. The green Vera Bradley is my makeup. The black Vera Bradley is my medicine, clippers, nail file….

January 14 – Something you’re reading – I read a lot of different things at once. Here is a picture of one of them:

Faith is keeping watch over my Bible and my Beth Moore book!

January 15 – Happiness – Wow could we get any more general than that?

Instead of posting more pictures of me and my family members I thought I would share a beautiful picture I took of the Pacific Ocean last spring. We were driving the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped for some pictures. The ocean makes me feel so at peace. God’s amazing creation brings me joy and happiness. (But my kids do too – I’m just trying to be different)

And January 16th is Morning. It just so happens that I have a beautiful picture taken from our front porch one morning of the sunrise.

Looks like a sunset but it is a sunrise! I took it from my front porch through my plants.

And there you have it – all caught up once again!


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