There’s Not A Moment To Spare

We moved into this house in September 2006. (Even though my Facebook Timeline says 2005. I put it in wrong and can’t figure out yet how to correct it.) Only in the last 4 months have I really gotten serious about decorating it. We have some rooms painted because Ron has taken the initiative to paint them. He did our master bathroom on year for me for Valentine’s Day – and I still LOVE it! Then he painted the kitchen as a surprise for me when i was in Ohio for an extended stay when my dad was so sick.

Other walls have been painted since then. They have just been accent walls. I’ve been trying to decide for months and years what to paint our bedroom. I’ve had this one specific color in my mind for a couple of years now. It’s a specific shade of aqua that you see in the water at Nassau Bahamas. Right up on the shore the water is white and the water out in the channel is that gorgeous blue. Well, the color I wanted is one little strip of color close to the shore. However I have not been able to find what I’m looking for. So, I abandoned it a couple of weeks ago. I have various shades of aqua painted on our wall. SIGH Maybe in my next life I will have a bedroom painted that color. However, now we are planning to go with this for the bedroom:

See the aqua splotches? I’ve given up and we are going with the blue on that one wall and the gold on the other 3 walls. Our cherry furniture looks really good against that gold.

Oh by the way – this is the last aqua color we tried till I gave up.

It’s pretty but it’s not US for our bedroom. Plus I’ve discovered that I am drawn to very saturated colors. The other colors are deeper shades – not a single pastel anywhere in the house.

Here is what I have in mind for the living room.

I think that will look so good against the white trim and with the black deco on the mantle. Plus, it will be GREAT with the accent wall in the living room:

That color is a maroon color. It looks really red in this picture. But it’s a rust color. Ron said I’ve got the FSU Garnet and Gold going. I promise I didn’t even think about that. Really!

So now I have the stairwell, the loft and the kids’ bathroom to go. The downstairs bathroom walls are still the original contractor’s beige but I haven’t caught the vision for that room yet. And right now the study only has an accent wall painted. The other three walls in that room match the downstairs bathroom. Honestly, the Beazer contractors beige has a lifespan of about a month. So we really need to get these poor walls painted.

We usually do our own painting. (And by “we” and “our” I mean Ron) But earlier I was reading Jo-Lynne’s Blog, Musings of a Housewife, and she talked about hiring painters to come in and paint their living room in spite of the fact that she and her hubs have always been DIYers. I’m liking that idea more and more the longer I stare at these swatched walls. So either Ron needs a vacation where he only paints walls, I do it myself (RIGHT! Whatever!) or we hire someone to do it.

At any rate, these walls need to be painted before we actually sell this house and move. Not that we are planning on selling and moving. But if it’s taken me 5+ years just to get to this point then there’s not a moment to spare!


One thought on “There’s Not A Moment To Spare

  1. It is SO hard to know what to hire out and what to do yourself, eh? I have learned, as I get busier, that even though I CAN do everything, I cannot DO IT ALL. Ya know? So. Yeah. My advice: budget it and hire it out. You will be SO GLAD!

    Or, take a vacation week and do it all. BUT HONESTLY. Is that how you want to spend your vacation? LOL.

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