February Relatives

A new month has rolled around. I love to venture around the blog-i-verse and see what kinds of blog challenges I can find. I love participating in monthly blog challenges because it gives me a reason to write regularly and it gives me a chance to reach out to other bloggers and bond in our common goals. I still have a few challenges I want to explore today, as the first day of the new month.

But one of the writing challenges I have taken part in a number of times before is NaBloPoMo. The theme for February is “Relative”. This will give me a great opportunity to dig a little deeper in the lives of some of my relatives that I don’t get to see very often anymore. Mom & Dad, be ready for all those questions and requests for pictures. In the last year I have written about certain family members. I hope to revisit those family members as well as explore new ones. I also want to learn more about some of Ron’s relatives because they are not only my relatives now too but they are also blood relatives of our children. Someday I hope this blog will be a source of information that MIchael and Lauren can use to learn more about our family.

So I am excited to start NaBloPoMo today. I’d love for you to join us. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. You can find more information about it by following any of the links or clicking on the button here in this entry or the one in my sidebar. It will be up for the month of February. If you are looking for a great tool to use to get you writing then this could be it. Visit the BlogHer NaBloPoMo site and join in.

NaBloPoMo February 2012


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