This Is What Family Does

This month’s NaBloPoMo theme is Relatives. I agreed to participate and THEN I thought about how many days I was gonna have to write about my family. 29 days! That’s a lot of family. I then began thinking through various ways to write about family and what I might say about each one. It became a daunting task. But then I thought about what is going on around me. We have had quite the eventful month on our street.

We live in a young subdivision on a culdesac. Our culdesac makes up a wonderful group of friends who care about and support one another like family. When one of us needs something all we have to do is ask. Each home represents a branch on the family tree. I’ve always said that good friends are the family that you choose. In this case God chose each of us and planted us in houses next to each other. Now there are some “family members” who choose not to participate in “family” activities. But then that’s really not much different than a family related by blood, is it?

As I said earlier, we have had a lot going on in the court the last few weeks. One family in particular is really struggling right now. I wrote a few weeks ago about one of our neighbors whose 3 year old son had a seizure. This same family is going through another indescribably difficult time now. To remind you Katie (the mother) had thyroid cancer in the early stages of her recent pregnancy. She was able to have surgery to remove it but was unable because of the pregnancy to treat her with radiation or other treatments. A couple of months ago is when their 3 year old had the seizure, which I wrote about at the time. In the last 2 months of the same pregnancy they discovered that her cancer had come back. A week ago tomorrow she had the baby – a healthy baby girl at birth. However a couple of days later the baby began having some problems and was moved to the NICU where she is still staying. In the last couple of days her husband and their 3 year old son have come down with RSV. So, let’s get this straight Mom discovers that her cancer has returned, the healthy baby girl goes to NICU, the dad and son have RSV and is unable to visit. Katie is staying at the hospital with the baby.

And this is where our Cul-de-sac family comes in. We are currently putting together a plan for meals and a means of getting items from home to the hospital for Katie. That’s what family does! When a family member is having a crisis then the other family members step up and pick up part of the burden to make the load lighter.

I really can’t explain quite how great each member of our family is and how vital each family is to the care of the overall group. I’ve never lived somewhere like this. We are bonded. We are family. And this is what family does.


2 thoughts on “This Is What Family Does

  1. Oh no! I feel so sorry for the family, and yet they are so blessed to have so many wonderful neighbors to help them out! I’ve never lived anywhere like your neighborhood. I thought they only existed in movies, thanks for sharing, and I’ll be keeping that family in my prayers.

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