Simple Shepherd’s Pie

I mentioned one day last week that I made Shepherd’s Pie for dinner. I’ve had a couple of people ask me for the recipe. So, TADA – that’s what I’m here for today. No angry heart wrenching painful post today. Just FOOD!!!! See what I did there? Strong emotions and food together in one paragraph. Clearly I am an emotional eater. But this is not a counseling session. So I shall get on with the recipe.

When I got married I learned a few secrets about the Hunter family. One of them is this yummy and super simple recipe for Shepherd’s Pie. It’s really not even a recipe. It’s just one of those recipes where you throw some things together and BAM there it is! And it would be very easy to change to meet your family’s needs. This is just a very basic recipe. It’s a foundation. You could substitute the ground beef for ground turkey. You could cook fresh veggies and use them. You could use any veggies you have in the pantry. If you do something special to make it different feel free to leave a comment for other readers to try too.

Simple Shepherd’s Pie

2 cans of whole kernel corn (drained)

2 can’s of peas (drained)

1 1/2 lbs ground beef

Chopped onion

Potatoes (as much as you would normally fix for your size family as mashed potatoes)

Butter & Milk (for the mashed potatoes)

Cheese – whatever kind you have on hand

Seasoning to taste

Cut up the potatoes and put them on to boil to prepare for mashing while you do everything else.

Brown the ground beef. Add the onion. Layer one of the veggies on top of the ground beef.

Then layer the second veggie on top of that.

Mash your potatoes that have been boiling. When they are sufficiently mashed smooth them onto the mixture – like icing a cake. Top with cheese. After a while the heat will melt the cheese.

That little dollop on top is just the potatoes I scooped off the sides of the bowl.

There you have it. Super easy! You can even use instant potatoes if you don’t have any potatoes or you want to simplify the meal even more.

Eat up!


2 thoughts on “Simple Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Hi Pam! We love this at our house, too! It’s incredibly quick with instant potatoes, and gluten-free, too! I do almost everything the same except that my boys won’t eat onions, so I mix about half a cup of spaghetti sauce and a packet of taco seasoning into the meat, & only use the corn (hubby hates peas – he doesn’t know what he’s missing!). Then after I put the cheese on top I stick it under the broiler for about a minute to get that slightly golden brown on the cheese. Yummo! So glad someone else knows about Shepherd’s pie…people have thought I was crazy telling them about it! It does exist! 🙂

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