James: Mercy Triumphs – What Belief System Are You Living?

I did not make it to Bible Study yesterday. But I just downloaded the second video session from the Lifeway website. Beth did not disappoint and the Holy Spirit was not silent. This study is gonna be a good one. I plan to be a changed person by the end of the 8 week study.

If you don’t know – we are doing Beth Moore’s latest study, James: Mercy Triumphs. During the homework sessions over the last week we discovered who James was from the brief things we are shown in scripture. James was the half-brother of Jesus. James entered the scene as an unbeliever and became a leader/follower in the New Testament Church. The Book of James is written by him. In James 1:1 he identifies himself as ” a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ”. So at some point in his life he figured out that his big brother was the Messiah. He loved his people, the Jews, and wrote with the hope that they would come to know Jesus as the Messiah. That’s a big transformation.

It’s very likely that the Book of James was the first book written for the New Testament. That would mean that James, the once nonbeliever of the Messiah, is the one who broke the 400 year silence between the Old Testament and the New Testament. He had to have come a LONG way in his belief system to be the first book of the New Testament. I’m sure that Jesus spent many a prayer praying for his brother to believe. And at some point James’ heart softened and he heard what Jesus was saying and believed. Boy that is encouraging to me to know that if James could come around then I shouldn’t stop praying and stop believing it possible that someone I love that doesn’t believe can be reached.

The Book of James was written based on first hand experiences he saw from his big brother’s ministry on earth. He knew what it meant to struggle with unbelief, fight the conviction of the Spirit and wrestle with the Pharisees. He also learned what life was truly about. The message of his book can be summed up in two words: LIVE IT! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. No matter what our belief system (whether it is the Truth of Christ or the Lies of Satan) we are living it every day.

So as we begin digging into the actual book of James I want to be sure that my heart is right and my belief system is based on the truths of Christ. I do not want to believe any of the lies the devil feeds my mind and spirit. I do not want to live a life of worry and doubt. I do not want others to see judgment in my actions. I do not want to succumb to fear. I do not want selfishness to control my actions. As Beth said at the end of today’s video session – Joy is our birthright in Christ. Noone has the right to take it. That is what I want to live. That is what I want to learn from this study. I want to learn to let Christ adjust my sails and reveal a belief system based on Christ.

What about you? Do you want to learn how to Live the belief system of Christ? Join me here as I share what I learn from James for the next few weeks.


3 thoughts on “James: Mercy Triumphs – What Belief System Are You Living?

  1. Someone re-introduced me to Proverbs 3:24-26 last week. Talks about how we should react to “sudden ” fear – I’ve been “hung up” on that chapter now for a week! Remembering what I already knew that sudden fear does not come from God

  2. Love hearing what you are learning in this study! We’re doing “Beloved Disciple” right now and focusing on John, so it’s neat to hear from James’ perspective, too!!

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