Divine Healing Part 3

Divine Healing Part 3

By: Mike Stokes


Our world is one of enormous pain and hurt. Each of us know someone who is enduring a difficult time of physical and/or emotional trauma. We know sincere people of faith who has prayed for healing, and still suffer. There are also many who have remarkable stories of healing. Why are some healed, while many, in fact most are not? Some would shrug this off by saying, some have faith and others don’t. Many of us cant do that, we believe in a living God as much as those who are healed, yet we wonder how some could be relieved while others go through years of suffering. This creates a dilemma within us.


Surely no Christian who has read the Bible would question God’s power to heal, to deny that is to deny the scriptures. We have seen Him heal: fractured marriages, broken lives, scarred emotions. Who of us would doubt He could heal physical and mental diseases? I do believe God heals today, I do not believe He has placed His healing powers in a few anointed individuals.


We must remember there is a trickle down affect of the fall of Adam and Eve. When God created man the world was free from sin and it’s corrupting influences, but from the moment they disobeyed God the battle of selfishness, suffering, and death began. So, there is a connection between sin and suffering. However, sometimes there is no relationship between sin and human suffering. The Bible gives us many examples where there is no connection:


In John 9: 1-3 Is the story of a man who was borne blind and Christ gave him sight. The question was ask, was it sin in the life of his parents or his own life that caused him to be born blind? This was a common belief in that day. In Verse three the Lord made clear that the man’s affliction had nothing to do with personal sin, God had His own purpose. I can only imagine the comfort this man felt when he learned that his blindness was part of God’s plan for his life. Of all the people in the world the Lord chose this particular individual to demonstrate his healing power on this particular occasion. I can only imagine what a load was lifted off the shoulders of this man’s parents when they learned it was not their fault.


John tells us that Christ did many healing’s which are not recorded in the Bible, he only included a few in his writings. In our next article we will consider the fact that sometimes it is not God’s will that we experience healed.


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