In Hot Pursuit

In Hot Pursuit

(1 Peter 1: 15-18)

By: Mike Stokes


            In 1 Peter chapter one the Apostle makes a strong appeal for Christians to pursue a holy lifestyle. In verses 15 through 18 we see four compelling reasons for this pursuit:


(1) “God is Holy.” (v15)

His Holiness is manifested in His laws, laws that forbid a sinful lifestyle. His name which signifies all His attributes in conjunction is Holy. His work, His justice, His wisdom, His power, His promises are Holy. Holiness always implies a relationship with God, there is no other place to get Holiness. Anyone who comes to Him in humility and repentance, will receive a Holiness that will be with them on Monday and all through the week, not just a Sunday type of Holiness, it will make a difference in a life. This suggest the practical elements of Holiness.


(2) “It is Written” (v16)

            The Bible says so. When the Bible says we come up short, or something is wrong, or sinful, this is God talking. Note: It is written is in the perfect tense, which speaks of a past completed action having present results; (“It has been written and as a present result is on record.”) Peter is quoting Leviticus 11: 44, which was written about 1500BC. So, Peter speaks of Moses words as still on record, the eternal unchanging Word of God. The Lord told us, Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall never pass away.” It is written in the Bible that we should live a Holy lifestyle.


(3) We have a Father who judges. (v17)

Note, the combination of words which suggest this. This is not referring to the Great White Throne Judgement. It is rather the everyday activities of life; like an earthly father observing the activities of his children, and he judges them. Just like our earthly father, our heavenly father knows what’s going on in our lives.


(4) We have been redeemed. (v18)

Redeemed from an empty life; a wasted, ruined, squandered life. It would be hard to imagine where each of us would be if the Savior had not rescued our lives from untold ruin. What a glorious redemption we have.


Considering these four reasons, remember, to maintain a Holy lifestyle. The question is, how do we do this? In chapter two verses 3, 4a, and 5 we are told to keep coming to Christ; the “coming” in these verses are not for salvation, but in a regular, daily coming to Him with our burdens, hurts, and sins. This consistent coming to Him cultivates a relationship which will enable us to share in His Holiness. So, stay–In Hot Pursuit.


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