What’s Happening?

Today is catch up day!! Well, in all actuality, I am avoiding housework but let’s say that I am updating my blog because it’s been all but abandoned. Besides, the housework will still be there when I’m done here.

We have been so busy with end of the year school and sports stuff. And I really am enjoying it all. I have some ideas rolling around in my head for future blog posts. But first I thought I would post an entry about what’s been happening and share a few pictures from the last few weeks.

This is Lauren and Alex after a soccer game one night. Alex doesn’t wear skinny pants on a regular basis – just after baseball practice/games. Aren’t they just adorable. They are so sweet together. They make me laugh every time I’m around them.

This is Michael and Hannah reenacting a scene of a dinner date in the 50s at Steak and Shake after church one night. Isn’t it precious? I have a feeling we’re looking at the future in this picture. But no pressure!

Lauren is doing really well in tennis. I wish she had started playing her freshman year. But she didn’t start this semester. I love that she has taken it up because that is a sport she can play the rest of her life. She’s an awesome soccer player but how many 40-somethings do you see playing soccer? And she’s actually very good at tennis too. I’ve been going to watch her practices. There are only 6 girls on the team. I don’t really get the whole scoring thing. But I’m learning how to be a tennis mom.

No, Michael is not trying to splatter himself all over the front yard. He was up there working on hiding the Christmas lights chords. It was too good of a Kodak moment to pass up.

We went to see The Hunger Games last Friday night at the Drive-In. I’ve never been to a drive-in before. The kids have been a bunch of times with friends. We went with my girlfriend next door and her daughter. It was really a lot of fun and such a unique experience. I can’t wait to go back!!

If you’ve visited me here before then you know that I’ve always claimed to not be able to cook – nor have I ever enjoyed trying. But in the last couple of months I have really gotten into it. I’ve always felt bad because my grandmother was such an amazing cook. And I’ve always thought that I was letting her down. Plus I want my grandchildren to one day be able to say “Mimi is an amazing cook” like everyone has always been able to say about Mamaw. The pictures above were taken before I put all of them together into freezer bags for meals in April. I am really looking forward to doing more of that.

This was taken the other night at one of Lauren’s tennis matches. She was waiting for her turn to play so she plopped down on my lap. Faith got to go to that game. I don’t think she was as much of a fan of tennis as everyone else was. She whined the whole time. She doesn’t really like to be taken out of her comfort zone. We are alike that way.

She was a good girl though. She obeyed my sit/stay command very well. She sat right here for about 15 minutes. She was actually much happier there. I think it’s because I implemented a boundary. Just like children, animals appreciate boundaries and discipline.

Well, I think that brings you up to date. Next week is Spring Break. We are going to Pensacola to Grandma & Grandpa’s house. My goal for my blog for next week is to put together a blogging plan. Part one of my blog plan was to change the background here. What do you think? I have other changes in mind. This is just the beginning. Keep coming by and watch for the changes.


One thought on “What’s Happening?

  1. I think you’ve got reason to be away from the blog–You only have your hands full of kids once, right? Glad to know you’re out there enjoying life with them 🙂

    Have a great week!

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