Shrinking Jeans Challenge

Ok – I’ve been sitting around doing nothing for months upon months. I lost 35 pounds in 2009. In 2010 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly it was no longer about me and my health. It was all about my dad and his health. I let myself go and spent many hours on the road between here and Ohio and sitting in hospitals. I completely let myself go right back to where I was. I gained every pound right back again. I’ve been saying “when I lost 35 pounds in 2009….” for 2 years now. Last summer I did decide to once again start making healthier choices with my eating. Since June 2011 I have RELOST half of those 35 pounds. Yay me! But now I am stuck. I currently weight 5 pounds more than I did when I was 8 months pregnant with Michael (I say 8 months because that is when he was born). That is not acceptable.

I’ve ignored it. I’ve avoided mirrors. I have a large range of clothes in my closet. I am halfway between the fat clothes and the skinny clothes. I quite honestly disgust myself. I need motivation. My motivation in 2009 was a weight loss contest Ron was having at his office. They were doing a Biggest Loser contest. They weighed in each Tuesday. While I couldn’t legitimately participate I did so here at home. I kept up with his employees progress. At the end of the challenge I had come in second place out of all the employees. Each Tuesday I weighed in and I kept a chart on the kitchen wall with my progress. I wrote down my actual weight before/after and my +/- for that week. I kept that chart up there the entire time for God and everybody to see. It was humiliating at first – everyone knowing how much I weighed. But then it became something to be proud of to see those numbers going down down down. I think that was my motivator at the time.

I’m not competitive for myself – put me on the sidelines of one of my kids’s games and that story changes for them. But competition doesn’t really matter to me. But that time it all worked. I’m not sure what it will take this time to light a fire under me. But I want it lit! I want something to push me. I’m considering rejoining the activities over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. They have a lot of various challenges going. Maybe some of you are in the same position I am in. Their current challenge is

Spring In2 Action Challenge It actually started the end of March and runs through May 9th but I’m gonna jump in anyway. The check in for this challenge is Wednesdays. I’m gonna get started.

They also have a running challenge. At the time I had to stop exercising in December 2009 I had just started running. I had to have foot surgery and have a damaged tendon removed – which put me on crutches and out of action for quite a while. I would one day love to run a marathon. My best friend does that. I’d love to run one with her sometime.

Run The 'Hood 2012

So there you have it – the ugly truth of my laziness. I know I can’t possibly be alone. I REALLY want to make a change. My kids graduate in less than a month. I’d love to lose 5 pounds by graduation day. I want to challenge myself to do that. I’ve done it before – I can do it again! Who is with me? Who wants to shrink their jeans with me?



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